The Crowd

The Crowd

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Pietrasanta, from the 1970s to today.

Exhibition – Tuscany, Italy.

18 June – 6 August 2017

Opening 17 June 2017

“We have long known that Jørgen Haugen Sørensen is a sculptor of format. You can meet his work many places in what is called society.
In clay as in drawing, he is a merciless philosopher. No aspect of stupidity and brutality avoids his sharp attention. Jørgen Haugen Sørensen care of us in his own way.”

Poet Peter Poulsen

The Crowd is an exhibition, which focuses on Haugen Sørensen’s most recent works in ceramic and bronze, and illuminates the artist’s lifelong relationship to the city of Pietrasanta in Tuscany.

The annual summer exhibition in Pietrasanta is situated in several important historic locations of the city. Museo dei Bozzetti includes the S. Agostino church, the cloister and garden, as well as Sala Capitolo, Sala Putti, and Piazza del Duomo.

Through the years international artists, such as Fernando Botero, Igor Mitoraj, Kan Yasuda,
Giuseppe Penone and Dashi Namdakov, have exhibited in Pietrasanta.

Haugen Sørensen is the first Danish artist to be given this coveted exhibition.

The central piece in the exhibition, donated to Pietrasanta by the New Carlsberg Foundation, will be the monumental bronze The Crowd. The sculpture will be placed on Piazza del Duomo along another bronze, The Shadow, made with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

The 180-cm high sculpture, While We’re Waiting, carved in Versilys marble and supported by the marble company Henraux, will be placed in front of the San Agostino church. Several series of Haugen Sørensen’s main works, made in clay, will be shown inside the church. The cloister garden will form the setting for five granite sculptures from the 80s, positioned in relation to the towers and buildings of the city visible from the garden.

A new series of white glazed stoneware from A black story in White will be shown in Sala Capitolo.

The gallery Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea will show Haugen Sørensen’s polychrome sculptures
of the 90s.

It was originally a commission for Danish School of Media and Journalism, which took Haugen Sørensen to Pietrasanta in 1971, and this is now celebrated by showing the installation Portrait of an old agreement from the early 70s. The, for its time, very radical installation of fragmented pieces of
bronze sculptures will be re-installed on the floor in Sala Putti along new drawings.

The Crowd, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen and Pietrasanta will continue until 6. August 2017.

A new book with the title The Crowd / La Folla will be published for during the exhibition. The publication will likewise focus on Haugen Sørensen’s latest works in white glazed stoneware and bronze, and his life in Pietrasanta. Simultaneously with the release of the publication, the dance festival DAP – Danza e Arte a Pietrasanta will be showing its Galla performance in the Teatro Versiliana, Pietrasanta, whereto Haugen Sørensen has created the scenography.

The exhibition is curated by prof. Bruno Corá, director of Fondazione Burri, and Lars Kærulf Møller, the director of Bornholm Museum of Art, as well as assisting curator Nina Wöhlk and Eli Benveniste.

Eli Benveniste:

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